10 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Alex thank you so much for running the workshop. Learnt so much in so little time just want to play with the camera & get creative now all the time. Level 2 can’t wait for it. Richard

  2. Workshop with Alex was a great experience for me! In a friendly atmosphere he manages to teach difficult things and makes his students feel they can achieve their goals! He’s ready to explain thousands of times if it’s needed, and makes the studies great fun. Thanks you Alex! I’m looking forward to Level 2 Workshop with you!

  3. Great workshop (Nicosia). I liked photography but now I LOVE it. I’ve learnt a lot during this workshop, I was taught things I never believed I could learn in just ten hours of workshop. I can’t wait for the next workshop. Don’t miss these workshops.

  4. Last two days Mick has attended this event in Paphos, at first he was a bit apprehensive about what could be taught in two days, but he found it very useful, interesting and well presented. He would recommend this course to anyone who has only the basic of ideas in photography.

  5. The weekend workshop I attended was very informative and helpful as everything we were taught was also shown to us in practice, we had the chance to work manual mode using various aperture/shutter speed variations. Both Lu and Alex are brilliant teachers who made us feel comfortable and who revealed to us some very helpful tricks when it comes to using manual mode. They are patient and attentive giving loads of examples from their own work as well as showing us various different cameras and lenses which helped put my own camera in perspective. I’d recommend this course to anyone who loves photography and has a camera with a manual setting because there is so much you can do by just adjusting one or two settings – even if you don’t have a camera, buy one and get to a workshop; Lu & Alex will make you fall in love with photography 🙂

  6. I went into the course in Nicosia, Cyprus not knowing what to expect, as I have been trying to learn photography (self learn) for rmore than 3 years now. I must say that I got much more than what I expected and what I learnt in 2 days is more than what I have gathered in the past 3 years. Alex is a great guy and while the 2 days were focussed on learning he made sure we also had loads of fun…

    The course material was well thought through, laid out beautifully and presented elequently but yet very simply. Alex is very patient with his pupils and makes sure you are comfortable with what is being taught and gives you his full attention and time.Its really motivating to see his passion for photography and it is contagious… While I know that it will take a lot of practice, I do believe I’m a better photographer now….

  7. I am new to Photography so I took the Level1&2 course with Alex to get to know my camera and learn how to use it. The course is full of practice, theory and fun. I never used to use my camera manually only auto mode but now it is all have changed and I love the results I get. Very enjoyable, lots of tips and knowledge. Thank you Alex so much!!

  8. 2 years ago I spent a week in London learning photography with Alex… I was totally inspired and had an amazing time. He didn’t mess with fancy words and made the subject logical, straightforward, understandable and fun! That week has shaped my life because since then I have had further tuition and now have the beginnings of a new career…in photography…which is brilliant! Thank you Alex!

  9. I studied photography with Alex in 2009. Alex has that rare talent for teaching: he’s able to gift you with the necessary skills, but he also makes it quite fun in the process. (He’s a pretty fun guy.) I’ve taken some truly excellent shots while working with Alex. His assignments are not only skills-based, but FUN. (Go run around Chinatown and ask people to jump for you.) I feel so confident with my DSLR now and the quality of my photography has improved immeasurably, thanks to Alex’s teaching of both skills and of artistry. Henri Cartier-Bresson forever!!

  10. I attended the workshop to get a better understanding of my camera and to help fill in the blanks regarding using Manual Mode. I came away from the week feeling very confident and haven’t used anything other than Manual Mode since. I learnt so much regarding techniques and composition during the practical sessions and having the photos evaluated instantly really made me think about what I was doing. I am now embarking on a possible career in photography and owe a lot of this to these guys. They were professional, informed and generous with their knowledge and time. I still refer back to the notes, handouts and pictures taken from this course. It was a great week. http://www.500px.com/stephentowers

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