Terms & Conditions



Booking and Confirmation

  • World Photo School can only confirm bookings after payment has been received.
  • Submission of a booking form indicates the participant agrees to the terms and conditions set out and will be charged the appropriate workshop fee.
  • Once payment is received, World Photo School will endeavour to confirm bookings within three working days. This is dependent on the accuracy of information submitted in the booking form by the participant. Should no confirmation be received within this time it is the responsibility of the participant to contact World Photo School administration.
  • Detailed joining instructions will be sent out prior to the workshop by email. Participants submitting late bookings (less than one week in advance) must contact World Photo School if no instructions are received within three working days of the workshop.
  • Where there is over-subscription for a workshop, the order in which booking payments are received shall determine their priority (first come, first served basis).
  • World Photo School reserves the right to refuse the booking of a participant.

Location and Start date/time

  • All workshops commence on the date and time, and at the location specified in the joining instructions.
  • Whilst joining instructions will include details about the location of the workshop, it is not possible to provide information about parking or overnight accommodation.

Workshop Content and Prerequisites

  • All participants are required to meet the necessary technical prerequisites as detailed in the workshop description under ‘Workshop Requirements’. Workshops designed for beginners have no requirements.
  • The topics covered in a workshop will be as detailed on the World Photo School website. Participants should ensure that the content is appropriate before booking.
  • World Photo School reserves the right to add, alter or remove workshop content without giving prior notice, provided the materials used still meet the advertised description for that workshop.

Rescheduling or Cancellation by World Photo School

  • Where a workshop is under-subscribed, World Photo School reserves the right to change or cancel such a workshop. In the unlikely event of this happening, or workshop cancellation through other unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness) participants will be informed as soon as possible and offered an alternative workshop place or full refund.
  • In the event of cancellation of a workshop, World Photo School cannot be held responsible for non-refundable costs incurred such as travel and accommodation.

Cancellation, Transfer and Failure to Attend

  • Our responsibilities with the running of the workshop, including renting locations in advance and providing the best experience possible to our clients dictate that no refunds will be made for cancellations with less than two weeks’ notice from the workshop start date.  If notice of cancellation is received in time, an administration fee (50% of the workshop value) will be charged from the refund.
  • Once a booking has been confirmed, any cancellation with less than two weeks’ notice (including non-attendance) will incur the full workshop charge. Should a participant wish to transfer to a later workshop, notice must be given at least two weeks (14 days) in advance of the original workshop and agreement will be at the discretion of World Photo School.


  • All notes and handout materials developed by World Photo School for workshop participants are protected by copyright. They may not be reproduced wholly or in part without prior consent from World Photo School.


  • Participants bringing along valuables and personal property do so at their own risk and are responsible for their safety. World Photo School cannot be held liable for loss or damage to personal items.
  • All travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of participants. Workshop staff cannot facilitate local transport or other arrangements.
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